Exhibition “En Tránsito”, Cervantes Institute, Munich, 2015

524239_608490509250874_772803921476340183_nen transito poster

I took part in the exhibition “En Tránsito/In Transit”, organised by the EASD  at the Cervantes Institute in Munich, during Schmuck, the annual Munich International Jewellery Fair. There I presented my Body Bags which question the essence and the representation of  women in our society and a series of photographs from the upcoming publication “Impure”.

Body Bag III snake skin: “Ceci n´est pas une pute. /Thiis is not a Tart” (2015) Exhibition “En Tránsito”, Cervantes Institute, Munich – Photo by Carlos Pastor


The artist jeweller Ramón Puig Cuyás posing with my Body Bag III “Ceci n´est pas une pute”/ “This is not a Tart” (2015). Photo by Silvia Walz at the exhibition “En Tránsito” at the Cervantes Institute, Munich.