Anna Maria is an trans-disciplinary feminist artist and culture & arts manager Italian-born and currently based in Spain. She holds a B.A. (Hons) in Media and Cultural Studies (Middlesex University, London, 1995) a M.A. in Film and Video (Middlesex University, London, 1996) and a Higher Technical Diploma in Art Jewellery and Design (E.A.S.D. School of Art & Design, Valencia, 2013).

As part of her art practice, called “CorpoREaction“, (CorpoREacción) Anna Maria designs performative pieces and body extensions – based on gender, masquerade, transformation and the interaction between body and object – which aim to alter sensory experiences and symbolic imagery. Often the pieces trigger unexpected interactions and are at the core of her participatory actions, performances, photographs and video-art.

The book Impure (published in October 2016) is an in depth documentation of her work in collaboration with a host of artists, performers, photographers, writers, curators and activists. This bilingual (English/Spanish) publication – just like Anna Maria – breaks the moulds of format, genre, artistic and sexual practices, mixing art with jewellery, performance with fashion, and photography with literature.

She uses a variety of materials in the production of her body pieces and her techniques range widely from iron soldering to sewing, enamelling and assemblage. She has taken part in several group and solo exhibitions such as “Solitaire” (2017), “Planet Womanand “CorpoREacción(2014) featuring her body extensions and video-work.

Her un/wearable sculptures are often shown in action in performances and participatory  situations which she has been presenting since 2006 taking part in collaborative events such as Lost in Transition” (performance & exhibition created by Cabello/Carceller, 2016), “Transformismos” (Theatre El Musical, Valencia, 2015) and “Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens Weddings” (Venice Biennial in 2010 & CCCB Barcelona in 2012), and organising interactive actions like Solitaire/Il Peso de la Tradizione” (2017), Pussy Parade” (2016), “90-60-90? Life-Size” (2015 & 2017), and performances like “Transexpace” (IVAM, Valencian Institute of Modern Art, 2016), “Fantastique” (Valencia Sex Fest. 2016) and “Memento Mori: Remembrance and Remains” (Cabanyal Intim Festival, 2016).

Since 1995 she has produced various short films such as “Transexpace“, “Choose Your God/ess“, “The Fragile Skin”, video-art like “Solitaire”, “Shattering the Glass Ceiling” and documentaries like “The Other Other” which have been widely screened on the queer film festival circuit including Frameline (San Francisco), Mix (New York), the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Zinegoak (Bilbao), as well as on the feminist art scene including the Women in Work exhibition (UPV, Valencia, 2017), Dona i Cinema Festival (2017) and the FEM Tour Truck/Bienal de Mujeres (2016).

She lived in London for 14 years working for film production and distribution companies and for international film festivals as well as coordinating cultural events such as The Night of the Senses and the Erotic Awards. She successively moved to Valencia (Spain) where, since 2008, she co-directs with Graham Bell Tornado, the La Erreria (House of Bent), specialised in queer and outsider art. They organise and take part in cultural events such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions and performances centered around gender, ecology and art.

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The slogan on the banner reads “Sick and Tired to be exploited and invisibilised”.                                                                                        Intifalla Protest, Valencia, 2013. Photo/Foto: Alejandro Sánchez with Anna Maria Staiano.


Anna Maria es una artista transdisciplinaria feminista y gestora cultural de nacionalidad italiana afincada en Valencia. Es licenciada en Estudios Culturales y Medios de Comunicación (Middlesex University, Londres, 1995), Master en Cinematografía y Vídeo (Middlesex University, Londres, 1996), y diplomada como Técnico Superior en Arte y Diseño: especialidad Joyería Artística (EASD, Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño, Valencia, 2013).

Su obra plástica denominada “CorpoREacción” se plasma en el diseño de piezas performáticas y extensiones corporales, basadas en las cuestiones del género, la transformación y la interacción cuerpo-objeto; para conseguir cambios inesperados en nuestra experiencia sensorial y en nuestro imaginario simbólico. A menudo las piezas provocan interacciones inesperadas y son el punto de partida de su acciones participativas, performances y video-arte.

El libro Impure, publicado en octubre 2016, documenta su práctica transdisciplinaria en colaboración con una serie de artistas, performers, fotógrafxs, escritorxs, curadorxs y activistas. Esta publicación bilingüe (en inglés y castellano) – como la mismisima Anna Maria – rompe con los esquemas de formato, género, practicas artísticas y sexuales mezclando el arte con la joyería, la performance con la moda y la fotografía con la literatura.

Realiza varias exposiciones individuales como “Solitaire” (2017), Planeta Mujer y “CorpoREacción(2014) y colectivas, aunque su obra generalmente es expuesta desde el dinamismo en performances y acciones participativas que viene realizando desde 2006 como colaboraciones tan representativas como Lost in Transition” (performance & exposición creadas por Cabello/Carceller, IVAM. Valencia 2016), “Transformismos” (Teatro El Musical, Valencia, 2015) y “Las Bodas de Annie Sprinkle y Beth Stephens” (Biennal de Venecia en 2010 & CCCB de Barcelona en 2012), o su propias performances participativas como “Solitaire/Il Peso de la Tradizione” (2017), Pussy Parade” (2016), “90-60-90? Life-Size” (2015 & 2017),  “Transexpace” (IVAM, Valencia, en el marco del Melting Point 2016) y “Memento Mori: Remembrance and Remains” (Cabanyal Intim, Valencia, 2016).

Desde el 1995, ha producido varios cortos y mediometrajes como “Transexpace”, “Choose Your God/ess”, “The Fragile Skin”, piezas de video-arte como “Solitaire”, Rompiendo el Techo de Cristal” y documentales como “The Other Other” que han participado en numerosos festivales internacionales de cine LGTBQI como Frameline (San Francisco), Mix (Nueva York), the LLGFF (Londres), y en eventos artísticos feministas como la expo Women in Work (UPV, Valencia, 2017), el Festival Dona i Cinema  (2017) y la FEM Tour Truck/Bienal de Mujeres (2016).

Ha vivido por 14 años en Londres trabajando por varios años en festivales internacionales de cinema y compañias de producción & distribucción de cine y organizando eventos artísticos como The Night of the Senses y los Erotic Awards. Sucesivamente se ha instalado en Valencia donde (desde el 2008) co-dirije, con Graham Bell Tornado, La Erreria (House of Bent) un espacio dedicado al arte outsider y queer que organiza y partecipa en exposiciones, eventos, talleres y conferencias dedicados a género, ecología y arte.