Exhibition “Planet Woman” and performance, at the Festival Intramurs, 2014


The opening of the exhibition in 69 (www.sessantanove.es) was Saturday 8 November at 12pm, with the screening of the video “Shattering the Glass Ceiling”  in collaboration with the collective “Ideadestroyingmuros” and followed by a public performance. The body pieces were used in a street procession starting from the venue 69 in which all women were invited to participate as heroines.

Video projection. Photo: Fabrizio Campisi/69 – http://www.sessantanove.es



Performance Intramurs, Valencia
Street Performance, Festival Intramurs, Valencia. Photo: Fabrizio Campisi/69 . http://www.sessantanove.es


The street procession arrived to the party organised by the Festival Intramurs, in the Ideo Space. where the public was invited to try on the different body extensions to the sound of DJs and live music.

Photo by Almudena Lopez



Almudena DSC_7927_0153
almudena DSC_7883_0115 Photos by Almudena Lopez


In this exhibition, Anna Maria Staiano presented her collection “Planet Woman: Jewels for Heroines” which highlights gender discrimination in the public and private sphere.
Her work is based on the design of body extensions, which explore gender, transformation, interaction and play. These performatic pieces can be used to cause unexpected changes in our sensorial experience and our symbolic imaginary.

More info: http://intramurs.org/es/artistas/anna-maria-staiano/

© Nacho López Ortiz
Exhibition in 69. Photo: Nacho López Ortiz