Collection “Planet Woman: Jewels for Heroines” 2013

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The collection “Planet Woman: Jewels for Heroines” features bold pieces designed to empower women and help them fight gender inequality in the workplace as well as in the private sphere.  Daring body extensions, beautifully strong just like the women who wear them.

As part of the collection I produced the video piece “Shattering the Glass Ceiling” in collaboration with the collective ideadestroyingmuros (Videoarmsidea), which features modern day heroines clad with the iron arm extension and shield to fight against gender inequality in the labour market.

To watch it, please click here: Video: Shattering the Glass Ceiling

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In March 2013 during the Intifallas protest, outside Valencia Town Hall , the extension “Visible” was used in a political action to make gender imbalance visible. The slogan reads “I am sick of being exploited and invisibilised”.                  The photographs were taken by Alejandro Sánchez y Fermín Jiménez Landa.

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In June 2013, the activist and performer Graham Bell Tornado wore the piece “Re-Model” (adapted as “The BIron Lady“) for the LGTB Pride demonstration in Valencia, and his photo was published in the local newspaper “El Levante“.

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Title:Shattering the Glass Ceiling I

Typology: Arm Extension

Materials: Steel and Glass

Dimensions in cm (Height x Width x Depth): 131 x 10 x 10

Weight: 2 kilos

Finish: Polished with emeril,  protective coat of transparent antioxidant lacquer


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Title:Shattering the Glass Ceiling II

Typology: Shield

Materials: Steel and Glass

Dimensions in cm (Height x Width x Depth): 70 x 70 x 18

Weight: 4 kilos

Finish: Brushed polish , protective coat of transparent antioxidant lacquer


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Title:Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Typology: Video

Duration: 4 mins

Format: Digital

Devised & Produced by: Anna Maria Staiano & IdeaDestroyingMuros (VideoArmsIdea)

Camera & Editing: Merisma, Brenda Bengala, Patricia Aragón

Starring: Perla Tempesta, Brenda Bengala, Patricia Aragón


Title: “Visible

Typology: Body Extension

Materials: Steel and Menstrual Blood

Dimensions in cm (Height x Width x Depth): 81.5 x 95.5 x 27

Weight: 1.5  kilos

Finish: Oxidized with hydrochloric acid, coating of menstrual blood, final coat of protective transparent antioxidant lacquer

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Typology: Extensión Corporal (del busto)

Materials: Steel & leather

Dimensions in cm (Height x Width x Depth): 110 x 120 x 80

Weight: 3 Kilos

Finish: Coating of flesh tone metallic paint

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