Fashion Show at the Botiga dels Joves Joiers, EASD, 2014

poster joves joiers 2014

In the EASD fashion show on 19th December 2014, my extensions accompanied the eclectic circus dress by Sara Chacón and closed the fashion show with the amazing Victorian lace dress by Fidel David.


con la diseñadora Sara Chacón (a la derecha) y su modelo


Exhibition “Planet Woman” and performance, at the Festival Intramurs, 2014


The opening of the exhibition in 69 ( was Saturday 8 November at 12pm, with the screening of the video “Shattering the Glass Ceiling”  in collaboration with the collective “Ideadestroyingmuros” and followed by a public performance. The body pieces were used in a street procession starting from the venue 69 in which all women were invited to participate as heroines.

Video projection. Photo: Fabrizio Campisi/69 –
Performance Intramurs, Valencia
Street Performance, Festival Intramurs, Valencia. Photo: Fabrizio Campisi/69 .

The street procession arrived to the party organised by the Festival Intramurs, in the Ideo Space. where the public was invited to try on the different body extensions to the sound of DJs and live music.

Photo by Almudena Lopez
Almudena DSC_7927_0153
almudena DSC_7883_0115 Photos by Almudena Lopez






In this exhibition, Anna Maria Staiano presented her collection “Planet Woman: Jewels for Heroines” which highlights gender discrimination in the public and private sphere.
Her work is based on the design of body extensions, which explore gender, transformation, interaction and play. These performatic pieces can be used to cause unexpected changes in our sensorial experience and our symbolic imaginary.

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Exhibition “CorpoREacción” at Melting Point 2014

poster CorporeaccionThe solo exhibition “CorpoREacción” was part of the international contemporary jewellery event Melting Point València. Joieria Contemporània 2014.

“CorpoREacción” is an ironic and surreal interpretation of the body and consists of recent work: outrageous body extensions, un/wearables, and playful performative pieces with a political message which aim to achieve changes in our sensory experience and challenge the gender stereotypes. The pieces embrace and juxtapose opposing elements such as domesticity and sexual unruliness.

The exhibition is divided into various sections: Experiments in Flexible Structures; Remembrance and Remains; Body Politics; Breast Matters; Hairy Pieces; Performance.

Most of the pieces are “ready-made assisted,” made out of everyday household objects, sponges and hair rollers combined with textiles, dolls eyes and human hair.

The exhibition included photographs by Toni Cordero in collaboration with the artists Jennifer Picken and Graham Bell Tornado.

Some of the pieces were only presented in photographic format and others were only to be seen in performance, since it didn´t make sense to display them without the body and /or the action that accompanies them. For this reason the exhibition was complemented by two special events:

– On the 10th of May the missing pieces of the collection were shown in action in the “Performance: CorpoREactive Show”. The show was full of surprises and counted with the special participation of MC Msieur Demodé (Doctor in Pataphysics), Jennifer Picken (Face of the Year of CorpoREacción), Graham Bell Tornado (B-Side of C.RE.A/Shaman Travestí), Eva Pez (Aphrodite Shibarita) and Rampova Kabaret (Performer Anar-Queer).

pasarela foto collage
Performance: Pasarela CorpoREactiva / Live CorpoREactive Show

The show culminated with the presentation of the Tableau Vivant “Dynasty” in the contiguous exhibition space. The full version and a trailer of the “Live CorpoREactive Show” were produced by Ana Wika.

tableau vivant still
Pasarela CorpoREactiva: Tableau Vivant – Dynasty

On the 17th of May, the writer and performer José Ramón Alarcón carried out an interactive presentation of the Video of the CorpoREactive Show.

collage jose ramon
Presentación Video – José Ramón Alarcón

Spin-off collaborative projects with the “CorpoREacción” pieces include the mixed-media publication “Impure” and the sci-fi photo-novel “Transexpace” to be released in 2016.

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Exhibition “Ars Longa Vita Brevis”, at Melting Point, 2014

Cartel: Myriam Moreno; Foto: Ideadestoyingmuros
Cartel: Myriam Moreno; Foto: Ideadestoyingmuros
Cartel: Myriam Moreno; Foto: Ideadestoyingmuros


I took part in the international contemporary jewellery event Melting Point València. Joieria Contemporània 2014, with two exhibitions.

A solo exhibition CorpoREacción at Le Petit Canibaal and the group exhibition “Ars longa, Vita brevis” which took place from 5th to 10th of May at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Calle Cadirers 5, Valencia. Vernissage with piano concert by Lucas Carbonell: Friday 9 May, 11:00 am. In “Ars longa, Vita brevis” I presented the collection “Planet Woman: Jewels for Heroines” featuring body extensions which highlight gender discrimination in the public and private sphere as well as the video “Shattering the Glass Ceiling” made in collaboration with the collective Ideadestroyingmuros. During the exhibition, the public has been invited to try on the “Planet Woman” body extensions.

lucas ars IMG_6825ars expo mis pieza am IMG_6977escudo Ars amIMG_6985escudo amparo IMG_6827
ars recortada IMG_6994ars ecortada IMG_6999
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