Body Bags, 2014/2016

Body bags
Photos by: 1) Carlos Valencia, 2) Toni Cordero, 3) Alejandro Sánchez.

The series Body Bags are body silhouettes, which make us reflect about the condition, essence, construction and representation of women. An artistic response to Simone de Beauvoir ́s question: “Qu’est-ce qu ́une femme?” which criticises the stereotypical representation of women as angels of the house or, on the contrary, tarts.

The pieces include objets trouvés whose meaning is resignified, so that everyday household objects become surreal anatomical forms, juxtaposing opposing elements such as domesticity and sexual unruliness.

The bags are made using sewing techniques and with materials associated with domestic labour traditionally carried out by women. The body bags are worn over the bust, highlighting the contrast between reality and its representation.