Anna Maria Staiano designs performative and sensory pieces based on gender, masquerade, transformation and play; with the intention to achieve changes in our sensory experience and symbolic imagery through the interaction with her pieces.

Amongst her references are Lygia Clark´s relational objects, Rebecca Horn´s body extensions and Lisa Walker´s un/wearable jewellery.

visible BW recortado


I am a trans-feminist, pro-sex activist, involved with the anti-censorship movement and the “Outsiders

Trust” in Britain and currently living in Spain.

Having attended Middlesex University in London, I graduated with a BA in “Media and Cultural Studies” and a Master in “Film and TV” which led me to produce films and documentaries and work in many international film festivals as well as organising cultural events. I coordinated various editions of “The Night of the Senses” and was a judge for “The Erotic Awards”.

In Valencia, I co-founded of the “La Erreria (House of Bent)”, specialised in producing and distributing queer and outsider art. Gender and ecology (trans-eco-feminism) are at the heart of our practice and our longest running project “Eco-gender” has taken the form of an art exhibition, a guided tour with performances and installations, various conferences, workshops and events at University of Valencia, the creation of PINQ, the first post-industrial national queer park and the forthcoming publication of a multi-media book.

In 2013, I  completed a full-time professional Art Jewellery course at the EASD, the School of Art and Design of Valencia and now I am merging all these different disciplines to create more hybrids!

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